Mid-century mash-up living room

I’m really into mid-century modern style at the moment. I’m wary that it’s going to go the same way as shabby chic, and be everywhere, but I can’t get enough right now. I’m loving the colours and the shapes, so I want to incorporate some into my living space.

I’m also into the colonial look, so I’m hoping I can mix the two styles together using the botanical, natural theme to tie them in. I’ve looked for some mid-century shapes, yet colonial textures. I’m crazy for the French Connection chair!

Find out where to buy below

Find out where to buy below


1 – The Fabulous Fleece Company

2 – Ikea

3 – Ikea

4 – John Lewis

5 – French Connection

6 – Kew Gardens

7 – John Lewis

8 – Fabrics and Papers

I’m really after a butler a table, or perhaps a fancy trolley for drinks and to put those glasses on. I’m also desperate for that French Connection chair with a fleece thrown over it for by-the-fire reading sessions.

Let me know if you spot anything else you think would go!