Bedroom Inspo: Moroccan Minimalist

As we countdown the days until moving in, I’ve been having a look round at the new season offerings when it comes to bedrooms. 

I love traveling, especially the Middle East, so seeing that Bedouin-inspired fabrics and Moorish prints are in is really hitting my style buttons. We’ve gone for white and deep blue walls in the bedroom so I’d love to incorporate a little souk style in there. There’s something deeply cosy about Marrakech – the rich culture, the homely food, the spices and the sweets – and this means it is perfect inspiration for a bedroom. 

Moroccan Minimalist Moodboard


Clockwise from top left:

Linen bed set, £79.99 from H&M

Embroidered hand towel, £18 from Anthropologie

Mirrored tray, £19.99 from H&M

Wall light, £45 from John Lewis

Lantern, £39.99 from Zara

Curtains, from £70 from Next

Cushion, £30 from John Lewis

Cushions, £58 and £68 from Anthropologie

Bed, £1200 from John Lewis


Progress update: The master

Hi everyone!

We’ve been super busy at the bungalow, so I haven’t updated you in a while. We took the last weekend off for Big Weekend and an important trip to London, then on Monday had to crash out to recover.

I caught up on Mr.Norrell and Jonathan Strange, though, which is amazing. I’m hoping it won’t distract me too much from here!

Our master bedroom is about 80% there. It needs dressing, and some new furniture, but the decor is done. It was hard work!

We started out with a room covered, and I mean, COVERED, in textured wallpaper. Now, we love retro but this was too much.

The main bedroom

The main bedroom

We did, however, like the grey carpet. It looks a little dull in this picture, but it’s pretty new. So our first job was to pull it up and shove it in the spare room to keep it clean. Then, we tackled the wallpaper.

Stripping wallpaper - fun!

Stripping wallpaper – fun!

It was messy, hot and stinky. We used a steamer to help peel it off, and with four of us working on it we had it done in the day. We had plenty of scrapers and had to keep the windows and doors open. At one point, it was like a sauna!

Andrew getting the hard bits off

Andrew getting the hard bits off

We went round after making sure all the tiny remnants were removed. As you can see above, we have a nice big hole in the wall. This was left by an old air brick which we removed. It wasn’t serving any purpose, so we blocked it up.

Andrew's handy work.

Andrew’s handy work.

You can also see the old burglar alarm dangling! We had to take this out. You can see where we had to fill A LOT of holes in the wall. There were a few cracks and marks left by previous decor. We also had to strip all the delightful lining paper from the ceiling.

That's not out of focus, that's steam.

That’s not out of focus, that’s steam.

By the way, Andrew’s not an enormous giant. He’s on a step-up stool. The ceiling paper peeled off pretty easy after spending the whole day covered in steam! We had the whole room stripped in our first weekend. The filling and sanding took way longer! We also had the job of adding a new double socket for our bedside table, which I’ll go into on another post. You can see them both here. And Henry…

The new socket, spurred off the old one.

The new socket, leading from the old one.

So, with a new socket and filled and sanded walls, came the fun part. This was about two weeks after we first stripped the walls and ceiling. PAINTING!

Finally painting!

Finally painting!

You can see where we’ve filled around the sockets (hard work) and cut in. Andrew rolls on the first bit of bright white. It took a good three coats to cover all the marks. We then decided to go for a blue feature wall, and settled on Stiffkey Blue by Farrow and Ball. The ceiling and coving we did first, followed by the walls then skirting.

Stiffkey Blue, City Break and Lost Lake colours (F&B, Crown and Dulux)

Stiffkey Blue, City Break and Lost Lake colours (F&B, Crown and Dulux)


After many coats, we finally got the colour we wanted!

After many coats, we finally got the colour we wanted!

We’ve moved in now, so I’ll share some final finished pictures soon. I promise!


E x