The Big Build: Walls

Tonight, on Hey There House at 10…

Okay, so I haven’t updated for a while and so much has happened. This post is just the headlines.

In the past month we’ve seen some serious changes. The bricklayer has been and we’ve got walls!



We’ve still got one small wall to build (across the two above) and then we can knock the old walls through giving us two rooms – one for the bath and one for the utility. 

We’ve blocked up the old windows, too. Our kitchen window will be large and so will our new bathroom window, so we don’t need those anymore. 

 As the outside will be rendered, it’s enabled us to use blocks instead of bricks which is quicker and easier. You can see we’ve ripped out the toilet, too, ready for that right hand wall to be knocked into the new room. 

The kitchen and the bathroom have also been ripped out, so it’s starting to look like a real building site. It’s crazy how one cupboard can hold so much stuff! All of our supplies are now living on a camp table and in buckets. Luckily the fridge is still there… 

I had some serious fun removing the tiles. It’s my new favourite job. It was a lot easier with this baby: 

And in more news, our drains are finished! They’ve been here and there for months now THEY ARE FINISHED! Unless you have lived without proper drainage or a toilet for months you will not understand my excitement. This is big news.   
And finally, the roof has arrived!

Well, the trusses at least. They’re enormous. It’s hard to believe that all of that is going to be up soon. It does mean we need to remove the old roof which is currently protecting our brand new bedroom. We have tarpaulins but I am hoping we don’t see any more storms for a while; my beautifully painted walls can’t take it! 


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