50 things that make me happy

I’ve been tagged!
My friend Elizabeth over at Peach Jones has been listing 50 things that maker her happy, and so now it’s my turn. I’ve got a lot going on at the mo and it’s stressing me out, so taking time to think of so many good things is going to be a welcome break.
1. The first day of the new season. I love waking up to a hot day after the spring, or when I see the leaves falling in the autumn.

2. Mastering a new skill. Learning to knit, crochet, embroider and make prints are all things I’ve been learning these past few years, and I love tackling a new project!

3. Corgis. Because obviously.

4. Little cat chins

5. Waking up on Sunday morning.

6. Going to bed early!

7. The grief you feel when you finish a good book.

8. The excitement you feel when you start a book you’ve been waiting years for.

9. Getting the first freckles on my shoulders from the sunshine.

10. Choosing where to travel to next.

Exactly at sea level!

Exactly at sea level!

11. Binging on Netflix.

12. Pizza.

13. Messing about with my drama troupe (RSC? 😉 )

Pre-RSC audition

Pre-RSC audition

14. Buying new yarn.

15. Writing on my blog!

16. Going to IKEA.

17. Finishing a room we’re decorating

18. Tax rebates.

19. Hearing old men laughing hysterically together.

20. The dry heat of the desert in the morning.

Dana Nature Reserve

Dana Nature Reserve

21. Finding a new artist or designer I love.

22. Buying local!

23. Cheese.

24. Weddings.

25. Zara sales.

26. Trips to the reclamation yard.

27. Going for a long, lazy lunch

28. Trying the local cuisine in a new country.

29. VISA stamps in my passport.

30. When people save me biscuits at work before they all go.

31. Going to the cinema.

32. Walks.

33. Upcycling

Nearly finished Poang!

Nearly finished Poang!


34. Funding awesome new online stores.

35. Exciting changes.

36. Speaking to dogs instead of people.

37. Nights in alone.

38. Good internet.

39. Getting gifts!

40. Fresh bed linen.

41. New stationary.

42. New shoes.

43. New pants.

44. Bargain yarn.

45. Patterned tiles.

46. This human.


47. These humans.

image 48. Eating a really good meal.

49. A cup of tea.

50. Baking cake.

So, there are 50 things that make me happy! I’m sure there R


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