I Love… Izzi Rainey


Having decorated two rooms now, I’m starting to look for some great accessories to really bring everything together.
I love to support local businesses and there are some amazing little brands popping up in Norfolk. One of those brands is Izzi Rainey.


Pencil Case, 14GBP

Izzi and Lara started the brand in 2014, and from a farm in Norfolk they now supply printed homewares to local stores including Jarrold’s. Izzi’s great eye for colour was honed at Glasgow School of Art, and inspired by the farm she grew up on. I would definitely recommend checking out their blog; not only are the girls running a homeware business, but they’re busing feeding cattle and upcycling an old caravan, too!

Lampshade, 70GBP

Lampshade, 70GBP

I’m thinking of getting in to print-making myself, but before I get the hang of it I’m definitely going to be buying some Izzi Rainey bits and pieces. I’m loving the Aztec print, and think this is going to be the base for my white-and-geometric home office. I think I’ll have to buy some notebooks just to decorate my desk! I also love the bunting – I think it will look great hanging above my pegboard to inspire me to be more creative. I’m getting really into lighting at the moment, so I’m definitely going to be after one of the lampshades!

Bunting, 25GBP

Bunting, 25GBP

There are also some great gift ideas in their range, and with my mum’s birthday coming up I’ll definitely be treating her to something. I’m thinking a cute apron will be perfect for when she holds her charity coffee mornings – she’ll be get lots of compliments on it I’m sure!


If you like the look of these gorgeous prints, pop down to The Granary on Bedford Street or check out the online shop.


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