The Home Tour!

When we were looking at houses, we saw every kind of home going. First we wanted a bungalow, because we liked the amount of land.
Then, we looked at a few 1930’s semi-detached houses, and fell in love. We were already living in a 1930’s apartment, so moving to a house with high ceilings, large doors and big, square rooms sounded ideal.
After a year of hunting, several rejected offers and a few houses we loved lost, we found this bungalow.
She had been on the market for a year, too, but had been listed way out of our budget and with no pictures. The price came down and we thought we’d drive past and take a look.
Situated in a small cul-de-sac, near shops and the river, she was in an ideal location so we booked a viewing.
As soon as we walked in we loved her! High ceilings, a large driveway and garage, a huge hall and three bedrooms. We put in an offer and were fighting off five other buyers, but as first-time buyers we were in a great position.

Now, we just need to get rid of all the textured wallpaper…

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